Take it From a Divorce Mediation Expert

by Jan 11, 2018

When not handled properly, divorce has the potential to be ugly. But there are always ways to separate amicably. Mediation can be the path to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of both parties. Here are 5 pieces of advice from divorce mediation experts that may help you through:

  • Have your own line of credit, even during the marriage. It can provide confidence and can be used in case the marriage doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.
  • Always maintain an inventory of your assets. It helps in drawing a clear boundary when things turn unpleasant and can be referred to in discussions with a mediator.
  • Divorce can be rough when there are children involved. Continually reassure them that they are loved and will be taken care of, no matter how things turn out. Do not discuss your differences or the causes of your divorce in front of the kids.
  • Do your best to think financially and not emotionally. Mediators are more concerned about how to keep the divorce proceedings neutral and calm without turning it unfair for any of the parties. They are professionals and can help you stay on track with this.
  • Last but not least; hiring a divorce mediation expert can save a tremendous amount of money. They help you get a neutral ground to work on and to iron out all differences regarding money, children and property.

At Smarter Divorce Solutions, our CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), is also a mediator. So, in addition to the neutral proceedings, we offer expertise in determining how much spouse support or child support you need and help craft a creative settlement that will make sure you BOTH get to keep more of your own money and not waste it on unnecessary taxes.

Divorce doesn’t have to be an adversarial event. If mediators are hired to take care of the business end of the separation it can really soften the blow of this tremendous change. It is always better to solve the conflict out of court and the best alternative to litigated divorce is hiring a divorce mediation expert. They can save you from the mental and physical pain that spiteful court divorces can cause.

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