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What is a cdfa®?

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Tax law, asset distribution, and financial planning to achieve an equitable settlement.

Nancy Hetrick

CDFA®, Founder of Smarter Divorce Solutions

Nancy Hetrick of Smarter Divorce Solutions offers the best of financial planning with the intricacies of divorce mediation to help you structure a settlement solution that allows both of you to keep more of your own money. We look at tax optimization, accurate valuation of all assets, and the long-term impacts of any settlement you consider.

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Reviews From Our Clients…

“ It gives me a new confidence to look forward to my future. Nancy Hetrick is a blessing in my life and I am thankful that I found her and her expertise. ”

— Janine M.

“ If Nancy had not prepared financial documents to show the best way to split everything in half, I would have been in a very poor financial position. I am very pleased with the service. ”

— Robbianne G.

“ Nancy was supportive, encouraging, and knew how to comfort me since she had experienced her own stress of divorce. I had found an advocate. So I wasn’t alone. She made a financial plan for me and told me what my options were. Nancy is kind and caring but also strong and persuasive – yet fair. ”

— Linda A.

“ Thank you so much for all your dedication to assisting us coming to a fair outcome! You and what and how you do what you do is amazing! ”

— Miriam P.

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Smarter Divorce Solutions
Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA®) who keep the cost of divorce low, while being committed to a kinder, gentler divorce process for all involved.

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