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Advisors, What to Know About Bitcoin ETFs

With so much interest now in cryptocurrencies, many advisory clients are asking about a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund…

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Rebuilding Your Finances
After Divorce

As a financial planner and advisor, I routinely meet with clients and prospects in varying degrees of financial uncertainty or even distress…

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How to Advise Clients Through Emotional Transitions

When your clients go through emotional transitions such as divorce, you, as their financial advisor, must “be willing to address…

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Advice For Boomer Same-Sex Couples Facing Divorce

The rules of same-sex divorce are still being written. There are so many what-ifs and unanswered questions that make…

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Tax Reform Could Shrink Alimony for Ex-spouses

Alimony payers won’t be able to afford to give as much because they’ll have to give it to Uncle Sam instead,” said Nancy Hetrick…

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When You
Will Need a QDRO

Just when you think your divorce is winding down and you’ve reached a settlement agreement with your spouse, your attorney…

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Divorce Is Costly. Divorce in Retirement Is Costly and Complicated

Few things can savage your personal finances more than a divorce. The damage can be even worse if you decide to divorce and…

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Girl Boss: Nancy Hetrick, Smarter Divorce Solutions

Nancy Hetrick, owner and founder of Smarter Divorce Solutions, decided to start her business…

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4 Divorce Support Resources to Get You Through the Maze

Lost. Scared. Lonely. Shaken. Sad. Angry. Bitter. Relieved. Hopeful. These are just some of the stops.…

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5 Steps to Take If You Don’t Trust Your Spouse at Tax Time

If your spouse is bringing home a lot of cash, new cars or other purchases, but your tax return shows…

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7 Little-Known Financial Benefits of Divorce

Nancy Hetrick, a senior financial advisor with Better Money Decisions in Phoenix, can attest to financial freedom…

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Meet Nancy Hetrick of Smarter Divorce Solutions

Nancy, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.…

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The Betrayal After 17 Years Of Marriage And 2 Children Was Paralyzing

White dress. Peach roses with baby’s breath. Long Veil. Happily Ever After. That’s the way it was supposed to be…

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U.S. News

Advisors Can Learn From the Bill Gates Divorce

High-net-worth and late-in-life divorces have specific financial and emotional challenges…

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Financial Planning For Divorce With Nancy Hetrick

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Top 10 Critical Financial Errors in Divorce

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Divorce Settlements and Executive Compensation 2015

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5 Money Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

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My Step Kids Hate Me, What Do I Do Now?

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Divorce Survival: 5 Tips for the First Year

Family law divorce financial

‘The Betrayal After 17 Years Of Marriage And 2 Children Was Paralyzing’

Radio / Podcast Guest


Strategies Financial Advisors Can Use to Help Clients with Divorce

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Nancy and Doug Heikkinen discuss strategies financial advisors can introduce to their clients who may be struggling in their marriage…

62 WHO KNEW?!?

Easing The Financial Difficulties of Divorce – Ep. 99

Silver or Grey Divorce statistics are on the rise. How to ease the financial difficulties associated with divorce in this age group is discussed with guest experts including Nancy Hetrick, founder of Smart Divorce Solutions and Jamie Hopkins of The Carson Group. 

62 WHO KNEW?!?

Easing The Financial Difficulties of Divorce: Part 2 – Ep. 101

Baby Boomer Generation divorces are on the rise and it’s a very serious subject, with many families dealing with this. Our first broadcast on this topic, Episode 99, broke viewership records! Nancy Hetrick, founder of Smart Divorce Solutions returns tonight with more…


Hiring Strategically to Fill Your Gaps

Nancy has a passion for helping people who are going through a divorce add a sense of sanity to the process as they figure out their finances.…


Episode 7

Hear from Rochelle Poulton, Jesus Verdugo, and Nancy Hetrick as they give some great advice, resources, and tips about divorce, real estate.…


Nancy Hetrick, Mediator & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

JDuring this interview, Nancy speaks to Talk Show Host, Stewart Andrew Alexander about some of the financial mistakes made in divorce.…

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