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Is a Stress-Free Divorce Even Possible?

The removal of stress and anxiety from a divorce situation can be achieved through clarity and certainty.

We reached out to a select group of Divorce Professionals we felt were true educators and advocates for the success of divorcing couples in America.

We asked them to shed light on some of the unknown factors surrounding the topic of divorce so that more couples can navigate this difficult time with greater understanding and through a spirit of cooperation.

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Divorce – once you’ve made the decision, you just want to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you have kids, you’ll try anything to keep them from feeling broken. But you only have one chance to do it right. You can be SMART – bring in the right experts for your divorce, gather all the information, and you’ll be sure to make the decisions that are BEST for YOU.

Nancy, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, shares with you strategies that have benefited her clients. You’ll learn:

• The documents to gather and how to get organized.
• Do It Yourself, Mediation, or Lawyer Assisted? Which divorce method is right for you?
• How to ensure all assets and property are accounted for and who really owns what.
• How child support and alimony come into play.

Don’t get divorced without it!

How A Litigated Divorce Ruins People


“The antagonistic nature of litigation often results in otherwise cooperative people thinking that their spouse is out to get them, even though they’re not. It creates a win or lose mentality that convinces people they can’t win unless their spouse loses.”

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5 Steps to Take If You Don’t Trust Your Spouse at Tax Time


“If your spouse is bringing home a lot of cash, new cars or other purchases, but your tax return shows only modest income, that may be a red flag. Also see if the mortgage interest deduction on your tax return indicates there’s more than one house (that you might not know about), and look at other income, Nancy says.”

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Meet Nancy Hetrick of Smarter Divorce Solutions


“Nancy, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.”

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7 Little-Known Financial Benefits of Divorce


“Nancy Hetrick, a senior financial advisor with Better Money Decisions in Phoenix, can attest to [financial freedom after divorce]. In the six months after her divorce to a spendthrift husband, she accumulated $20,000 in savings, thanks to her ability to set her own budgeting priorities. Meanwhile, her ex racked up tens of thousands in debt over the same period.”

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‘The Betrayal After 17 Years Of Marriage And 2 Children Was Paralyzing’


“White dress. Peach roses with baby’s breath. Long Veil. Happily Ever After. That’s the way it was supposed to be. I believed it. I wanted it. I needed it. Then he lied. Then he cheated. Then he left me. I was lost, bobbing in the waters of what remained of my life, certain that drowning was imminent.”

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Advice For Boomer Same-Sex Couples Facing Divorce


“The rules of same-sex divorce are still being written. There are so many what-ifs and unanswered questions that make the process even more complicated than it needs to be, which can make things tricky for married boomer same-sex couples who are splitting up.”

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5 Ways To Ensure The Right Financial Settlement For Your Client


“Are you equipped to help her ensure that a fair settlement is reached? If you’re not careful, you could miss vital information about their financial situation leaving you at risk of a potential lawsuit. How do you ensure that you will be the best advocate for your client?”

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When You Will Need a QDRO


“Just when you think your divorce is winding down and you’ve reached a settlement agreement with your spouse, your attorney or mediator says, ‘Now you will need a QDRO and that’s going to be an additional cost.’ ‘WHAT? Are you kidding? What the heck is a QDRO?'”

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4 Divorce Support Resources to Get You Through the Maze


“Lost. Scared. Lonely. Shaken. Sad. Angry. Bitter. Relieved. Hopeful. These are just some of the stops along the emotional roller coaster that is divorce. It’s not anything that anyone should have to endure alone.”

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Divorce Settlements and Executive Compensation


“If you or your spouse must decide how to separate stock options, restricted stock (RSU), or other executive compensation, it can be challenging at best. Several of these items provide income and can be difficult to value – or even understand!”

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21 Divorce Experts All Share Their Number 1 Tip


“Nancy A. Hetrick is the founder of Smarter Divorce Solutions in Phoenix Arizona and author or Divorce is Not For Dummies: How to Cover Your Assets.  If you’re considering divorce, remember you only have one chance to get it right! Make sure you get the right experts on your team!”

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You’re getting a divorce, are you SURE you want the house?


“When you find yourself facing divorce, it often feels as though everything you thought you knew about your life and your future is suddenly flipped upside down and the struggle begins to make sense of the pieces that remain.”

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Tax Reform Could Shrink Alimony for Ex-spouses


“Alimony payers won’t be able to afford to give as much because they’ll have to give it to Uncle Sam instead,” said Nancy Hetrick, a certified divorce financial analyst and senior advisor at Better Money Decisions in Phoenix, Arizona. “There will be less money to go around to support the two households.”

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Girl Boss: Nancy Hetrick, Smarter Divorce Solutions


“Nancy Hetrick, owner and founder of Smarter Divorce Solutions, decided to start her business after discovering the divorcing process was less than ideal. She’s made it her mission to help couples go through a divorce that is as simple and affordable as possible.”

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Divorce Settlements and Executive Compensation


“Executive compensation can be very complicated and if you take it on yourself, you’re exposing yourself to a lot of risk. These assets are often substantial pieces of the marital pie and it is critical that they are valued correctly so that you can negotiate the best settlement for your client.”

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Divorce Options for Less Money


“Could it be that couples are beginning to realize that the systems in place to handle divorce are expensive, adversarial and generally lousy? The majority of couples that decide to call it quits have no desire to rake each other over the coals or spend a fortune on pricey divorce attorneys.”

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Interview With Entrepreneurs 'N Fuego

Francisco Xavier Aguirre interviews Nancy Hetrick on her entrepreneurial journey and smarter divorce solutions process.

Interview With Podcast Makers Radio

During this interview, Nancy speaks to Talk Show Host, Stewart Andrew Alexander about some of the financial mistakes made in divorce and how to avoid them.

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