Can a Divorced Couple Continue to Own Their Home?

Maybe you don’t have enough equity yet for whoever wants to stay to refinance after the divorce. Don’t despair. There are still creative solutions for this scenario even with the housing market collapse behind us.

Can You Make it on Your Own?

This question stops so many people in their tracks. You know your marriage is no longer working. You want to provide positive and healthy examples for your kids of how to live a good life and get along with your spouse. But you feel trapped. Because you don’t know if...

Your Divorce May Be Killing You

Whether it’s a purposeful choice or not, the most unfortunate result of brooding is what it does to our bodies. There is more than enough research out there that clearly establishes the connection between our thoughts and behaviors and physical illness and disease.

Gray Divorce is Not the Only Retirement Risk

With some basic planning, between your savings and 401k plan, and maybe a little pension and Social Security, both you and your spouse can be able to relax and maybe even go on a little trip once in a while.

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  • Review your finances and explore creative settlement ideas
  • Map out a plan for transitioning to the next phase of your life
  • Identify your biggest fears and decide the best way to address them
  • Connect you with any other resources you’ll need in your process

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