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Nancy Built Trust & I Got Clarity

from Lesley

How To Have a Peaceful Divorce

from Peter

A Financial Advisor for my Divorce

from Karen

“If Nancy had not prepared financial documents to show the best way to split everything in half, I would have been in a very poor financial position. I am very pleased with the service.


“As someone who had ZERO financial knowledge, I found Nancy’s professionalism, knowledge, patience and kindness to be wonderful. Going through divorce and taking on the responsibility for your own finances after not being involved in it during your entire marriage can be a frightening undertaking but I feel more confident and informed having Nancy on my team.


“You know exactly what you are doing, and furthermore, to share that with the rest of us….WOW! It is refreshing that there are people like you out there willing to provide such valuable information for those who need it.  After finishing session 1 last night, it just confirmed everything in my life has led me to this pivotal point.


“It gives me a new confidence to look forward to my future. Nancy Hetrick is a blessing in my life and I am thankful that I found her and her expertise.”


“Thank you so much for all your dedication to assisting us coming to a fair outcome!  You and what and how you do what you do is amazing!”


“Nancy was supportive, encouraging, and knew how to comfort me since she had experienced her own stress of divorce. I had found an advocate. So I wasn’t alone. She made a financial plan for me and told me what my options were. I was gaining strength with the knowledge Nancy was sharing with me. Nancy is kind and caring but also strong and persuasive – yet fair.


“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. This is a very hard and confusing process and is so wonderful to have the team of Smarter Divorce Solutions by me.


“If I had not found Nancy, I do fear that our settlement would be quite different and much more in the favor of my spouse. I am Quite grateful for Mrs. Hetrick’s services.”


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In Your Strategy Session We’ll:
  • Explore your divorce options and get clear on the right solution for your situation
  • Review your financial situation and explore creative settlement possibilities
  • Map out a plan for transitioning to the next phase of your life
  • Identify your biggest fears and decide the best way to address them
  • Connect you with any other resources you’ll need in your process

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