Nancy Talks Certified Divorce Financial Planning with Steward Andrew Alexander

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Nancy Hetrick shared the importance of divorce financial planning and mediation during a recent interview with Talk Show Host, Steward Andrew Alexander.

A Trained Divorce Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Nancy works primarily with couples who have been married for 20 years or more and have decided to end their marriages. She works with clients who want to be amicable and stay out of the courtrooms with no hired attorneys. These couples want to work together to find a settlement that makes sense for both of them. After 20 years of marriage, there are a lot of financial complexities in these situations. These couples have fundamental values of finding the financial expertise to find a settlement that works for both of them.

Most people are uncertain of how financial expertise comes into play during a divorce. Most mediators do not have the financial expertise and background to bring to couples going through divorces. A common misconception among couples in these situations is that they think that attorneys know finance and will give them the financial advice they need. However, that is not the case. Most people overestimate the financial guidance that they get from their attorney, which is where Hetrick’s expertise come in.

Real Stories of Divorce Clients

Hetrick worked with a couple who had previously gone to an attorney together to try and settle their finances. Their attorney told them that he could prepare their necessary documents that would split their assets and debts evenly, but that he was unable to give them financial advice. After 20 years of marriage, they had a lot to settle financially. The couple came to Hetrick to work out a financial settlement that they both agreed on. Hetrick came up with two different proposals: one split their assets and debts evenly, and the other proposal that she created ended up saving them both $20,000 in taxes.

About Nancy Hetrick

Nancy Smarter Divorce Solution HetrickHetrick has been a full service financial advisor for almost 20 years. She was motivated to pursue her career path after going through her own divorce in 2007. She was unable to find the proper resources and support to have an amicable divorce. As a result, she made multiple mistakes going through a “do it yourself” divorce that she strives to help other clients avoid. Hetrick ended up having to be in court three times, her credit rating was destroyed and she spent over $20,000 in attorney fees. Through her own experience, she educated herself on the credentials for a certified divorce financial analyst. Hetrick wants to help clients not make the same mistakes, so that they can go through the divorce process in an honorable and amicable way.

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