Can Pre-Mediation Coaching Really Help You?

by May 18, 2020

Are you and your spouse deciding on whether or not to go to mediation? Is your attorney recommending mediation instead of a costly court battle? Is the court in your state requiring mediation before going in front of a judge in your divorce? Whatever the reason you may be choosing mediation, do you know what to expect? Most people have never been to mediation before. Even if you know a little bit about the process, it can be scary and intimidating.

Why We Provide Pre-Mediation Coaching to All Our Mediation Clients

What would it be like to walk into your mediation and know what to expect, feel confident and in control of your emotions, and have a plan and a list of proposals? As Licensed Providers for Bill Eddy’s New Ways for Families Pre-Mediation Coaching, we work with our clients to give them a better outcome in their mediation.

We will help them to understand the mediation process and teach the skills needed to deal with the anxiety and emotional overwhelm that one can feel during this stressful time in their life. We provide pre-mediation coaching to all of our mediation clients as part of their mediation process.

What is Pre-Mediation Coaching?

Pre-Mediation Coaching is a skills-based model that involves four skills that can improve the chances of having a successful mediation.

The 4 Basic Skills we work together on are:

  1. Flexible Thinking
  2. Managed Emotions
  3. Moderate Behaviors
  4. Checking Yourself

Flexible thinking is a 3-step method of making proposals, asking questions, and responding to proposals.

Managed emotions will provide clients with ways to deal with anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety.
When one can think clearly, the ability to problem solve and make good, rational decisions is possible.

Moderate behaviors involve using skills that create an environment for good communication – using “I” statements, taking turns, etc. and asking for breaks.

Checking yourself means looking to see if when one is talking about a difficult or upsetting issue, they are using the skills they have learned to help themselves stay focused.

When Should You Do Pre-Mediation Coaching?

Ideally, pre-mediation coaching is done a few days or a week before mediation. This will give you time to work through and practice the skills. Not only will you learn ways to have a better mediation outcome, but you will learn ways to handle co-parenting and other issues in the future. You will also learn communication skills you can use in every part of your life and in all of your relationships as you move forward into the next chapter of your life.

If you would like to talk about if mediation is an option for you, we at Smarter Divorce Solutions, offer a complimentary consultation. Please check out our website to schedule your call today.

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