Navigating the Holidays Post-Divorce: A 2023 Perspective

by | December 18, 2023


So, here we are, facing the holidays again. Maybe it’s your first time since the whirlwind of life changes – separation, divorce, the whole shebang – that you’re entering this festive season as a newly single parent. Believe me, I’ve been there, staring at the Christmas tree, teary-eyed and alone. Not a high point, I admit. But what if we could reframe this experience? Let me offer you some updated tips to make these holidays not just bearable, but potentially joyous.

Embrace the New Normal: Life’s taken a turn, and guess what? It’s absolutely fine! Embracing change is more than a cliché; it’s a survival tactic in our ever-evolving world.

Plan with Purpose: Gone are the days of last-minute plans. Coordinating with your ex should be on your to-do list way before the holiday rush. Kids thrive on spending time with both parents, so make it happen smoothly.

Redefine the Calendar: Who says Christmas is only on December 25th? If you’re not with your kids on the traditional date, create your own special day. The calendar is just a bunch of pages – your family moments are what truly matter.

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Seek Connection: First holiday flying solo? Reach out to your support network. There’s no shame in asking to join a friend’s celebration. Loneliness is so last decade!

New Traditions, New Joys: This is your chance to shake things up! Start a new tradition that’s uniquely you and your kids. It’s about building memories, not just following old patterns.

Now, let’s talk emotions. They’re like holiday lights – sometimes tangled, often bright. It’s normal to have ups and downs. You’re navigating a new chapter. My advice? Focus on the future. Those hobbies you’ve shelved? Dust them off. That art class, weekend getaway, or solo spa day – now’s the time. And remember, I’m a financial advisor: balance your celebrations with your budget.

Speaking of budget, avoid the ‘Best Parent Olympics’ when it comes to gifts. Your kids won’t remember who bought the priciest presents, but they will remember the board games played and the laughs shared.

So, here’s to the holiday season of 2023. It’s not about endings; it’s about beginnings, opportunities, and the beauty of reshaping our lives. You’ve got this!

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