Happy Divorce Month!

by Feb 7, 2017

It’s been said that February is Divorce Month. It’s that time after the holidays; the tree’s been taken down, the decorations put away and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. This seems to be a time when many couples say “I can’t do this anymore”. Instead of planning a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner and buying a dozen roses, people start to research their options for divorce.

So what are your options?

Attorney: Most people’s knee jerk response is “I need to call an attorney”. This is one of the most expensive options. An attorney will fight for you, for a hefty fee of course. When all is said and done and those fees are paid have you really gotten out ahead? Even though your marriage is ending, most couples can remain somewhat amicable and avoid the expense and aggravation.

Mediator: This is a great less expensive option for amicable couples. A mediator will assist in evenly and fairly dividing everything and help determine child support and child visitation schedules. You can choose to use both a Mediator and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst on your team.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®): A wonderful and inexpensive option. A CDFA® is a financial professional who can assist with a fair and realistic financial separation of assets. A good CDFA® will also be able to moderate the discussions on child support and visitation. Many couples can go through divorce using only a CDFA® and then file the paperwork on their own or hire a professional ala carte for the that purpose only.

Whatever you decide, take the time to do your research. Explore all your options, ask all your questions. You only have one chance to get this right. Be sure you secure your financial future after divorce. Contact us today for your FREE 30 minute Consult.

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