Estate Planning is for Everyone, Not Just the Wealthy

by May 2, 2019

Check out this statistic: nearly three-quarters of Americans do not have a will or trust in place. 63% do not have a will at all, and another 9% have a will that is out of date, according to a Google Consumer survey by

In legalese, dying without a will is referred to as dying “intestate”. In plain language, dying without a will or with an outdated will is JUST PLAIN SILLY! (Sorry, not sorry.)

Estate Planning Misconceptions

There is a misconception that estate planning is only necessary for the wealthy, but the truth is estate planning is for nearly everyone. There may be an exception for very young, unmarried individuals without assets or children. That said, estate planning essentially makes it easier for survivors to understand the decedent’s wishes and handle their final affairs, which is a blessing to those who are mourning a death. You’re doing yourself, and your loved ones a big favor by creating your estate plan, regardless of what you may or may not have in accrued wealth. And if you have children you are beyond wealthy in a different way, but arguably a more important kind of wealth!

Some people put creating an estate plan on the same level as starting a new fitness or dietary plan…they know it’s important, but just so hard to get started. I assure you – creating a basic estate plan is not all that difficult! There are countless methods to create your estate plan, from online options and estate planning software, to leveraging the services of a legal document preparer or estate planning attorney. Even complex estate planning needs can be simplified by working with the right professionals.

Make Estate Planning a Priority

So, if you’ve been putting off this important task it’s time to GET GOING!! Like, NOW. If you need some extra motivation, do a web search with the terms “dying intestate” or “dying with an outdated will” and see what you find…there are copious horror stories out there.

Smarter Divorce Solutions recently expanded their team of professionals and now has a Certified Legal Document Preparer on staff (that’s me!) and we can help you establish your estate plan at a competitive rate…so, no more excuses to procrastinate. Protect yourself and your loved ones and get your estate plan in place today! Give us a call at 877-552-4017 to learn more.


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