3 Biggest Reasons Why Women Don’t Divorce

by Aug 10, 2020

Why is it so hard to leave when you know your marriage is not going to work? You’ve tried everything to make your marriage work. And even your family and friends are encouraging you to move forward with divorce.

You’re hoping and praying your spouse will come to their senses and change their mind. You’re wanting to give it one last chance – after all, you’ve invested all of these years…

 And maybe you still love your spouse. You hate the idea of breaking up your family even though they understand the reasons why. You hope your spouse will finally get help with their issues and return to being the person you fell in love with.

So if you know all of this, why is it so hard to separate or divorce? You are not alone and here are 3 things that can keep you stuck…

3 big reasons why you may not want to move forward with a divorce:

1. Being afraid of making a mistake

How scary is it to do something you’ve never done in your life?  It’s terrifying. What if you make a mistake? It feels so final – you never anticipated your life turning out like this. This could be a very long process and you just don’t want to deal with it. And what about the cost?  Where will the money come from?

2. Being afraid of what your financial future will look like

Maybe your spouse has already taken away your credit cards and access to your checking account. What are you supposed to live on for the rest of your life? Will he/she be fair in dividing up your assets?  He’s probably already told you that there is a lot of community debt, so don’t expect to get any money.  And maybe he’s planning on retiring soon, so how will spousal support work? Were you a stay at home mom? Will you have to go to work now?

3. Fear of being alone

I hear this from so many women who have been in long term marriages. Even when there is drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, etc., it seems as though it’s better than being alone. How are you going to feel being single again? Yes, the marriage is over, but maybe it’s best to just stick it out and ignore what he’s up to. After all, “it’s better than being alone, isn’t it?”

So these seem to be 3 of the biggest reasons why we don’t leave.

And if you have tried everything – counseling, patience, praying, saying “you will change” and you’re still feeling fearful, how are you going to be able to figure this out?

Face Your Fears

Now is the time to take action. And this is exactly how we can help. Talking these issues through with a trusted professional can give you clarity and peace of mind.

It can also be a place to explore your fears and determine what you do and do not have control over. You are not alone and you do not have to do this alone.

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