Marriage and Addiction – When Divorce is the Only Answer

by | February 25, 2022



Just this week I met with two people who were considering divorce from a spouse with active addiction issues. I, myself, am the adult child of alcoholics so I get it. I remember being 11 years old or so and PRAYING that my parents would get a divorce. The toxic emotional environment was unbearable, even at that young age.

The individuals who spoke with me were sad. Very, very sad. One gentleman said his wife had been to rehab twice and was drinking again and convinced that she had it under control. He knew she didn’t. He had become the primary parent to their 6- and 8-year-old children and he sounded tired and defeated. I also heard in his voice the love for his wife that he no longer believed he could save.

He knows deep in his heart that the right thing for him and his children is to sever the marriage and hope and pray his wife gets the help she needs. When he found us at Smarter Divorce Solutions, he was relieved to find a process that wasn’t adversarial and wouldn’t cost them tens of thousands of dollars. He truly wants to support her, but from a distance to protect his children.

I’m hopeful they will take advantage of Divorce Done Differently and work with us to find the optimal settlement agreement that will give them BOTH the best chance at a successful future as well as stability and safety for their children. They all deserve that.

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Addiction is complicated and if someone refuses to get the help they need, it’s 100% the right thing to do to act in self-preservation. We all deserve to have an intimate relationship that lifts us up and makes us a BETTER version of ourselves, not the worst version.

If your spouse is fighting addiction and it’s time to protect yourself and your family, choose a process that gives all of you the best possible chances for a successful future. All of you.

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At Smarter Divorce Solutions, we help you with creative solutions and sound financial decisions surrounding the dissolution of your marriage, because we know that in the end you will still be part of the same family.  Happy Anniversary to those that made it, and a kinder, gentler and more affordable divorce to those that didn’t.

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