Do I Need An Attorney For Divorce?

by Aug 15, 2016

By: Kelly Greene M.Ed
In short: NO. No you don’t need an attorney for divorce. Maybe it’s the media and movie influence but it seems even nowadays when many people decide they are going to get a divorce their first thought is “I need to call a lawyer”. This knee jerk response is an old way of thinking. Divorce now has many options.

5 Solutions For a Divorce Without a Lawyer:

1. You can file yourself.

I personally feel this option is for the brave of heart and the very organized. It can be done but remember too that divorce can be a very emotional time in your life and having to navigate the court systems and paperwork may put you over the edge. And you can be very vulnerable to leaving out critical information and not finding out until later that it’s too late to fix your mistakes.

2. You can hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®).

A CDFA® has not only a financial background but has also been trained specifically in divorce matters. Money and property division are the most argued points in divorce so bringing a financial expert will help ease the frustration and provide amicable options for both parties. They can help you craft a settlement agreement and then recommend a document preparer.

3. You can hire a Mediator.

A Mediator cannot give legal advice but they can provide the neutral space for both parties to make decisions and decide how things will look moving forward. Mediation can ease the aggravation that child custody matters and property division conversations can bring.

4. You hire both a CDFA® and a Mediator!

This is a really wonderful option. You can surround yourself with a team of professionals to help you move through this difficult time. Coupling both a CDFA® and a Mediator can help you navigate through all the points and come out feeling confident about your future. Most mediators can also prepare all the documents on your behalf as well making for a one-stop- shop.

5. You can hire an attorney.

Perhaps you really just want the opportunity to tell your spouse to “Call my attorney”, or perhaps it has gotten that ugly that you feel you need to bring in the big guns. Just be sure to do your research, as with any professional it’s important to get referrals, have a consult, research their website and reviews online. Using an attorney who prefers NOT to go to court will save you money and further heartache down the road.

Whichever option you choose be sure to do your research. You do have only one chance to get this right. Get it right the first time and you will be able to move forward with confidence and financial security.

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