When you fell in love and got married, you never imagined that your relationship could drift so far from those initial feelings.  What was once love, respect, and admiration has morphed into something unrecognizable and even dysfunctional.  Regardless of how or why it ended up this way, there are some things to think about before you make the irreversible decision to divorce.

– Have you done everything you can?  Your wedding vows were not meant to be taken lightly.  To avoid future regret, make sure that you have done everything you know how to do to save your marriage.  Have you sat your spouse down and been brutally honest about how you feel, what you’re thinking and what you need?  If not, then is it really fair to expect them to know where you are?  Have you insisted on seeing a counselor?  When you do, be ready to commit to giving 100% of yourself to the process.

– Start thinking about your future.  If you are convinced that the relationship is irretrievably broken, then you should begin thinking about the next steps.  Understand that the same money that supported 2 households will now have to support one and you will BOTH have to take a drop in your standard of living.  Think carefully about what you will be able to afford and consider meeting with a financial planner like me to evaluate your options and look at what potential settlements would look like in your situation.

– Get prepared
.  If you are not 100% clear on your financial situation, now’s the time to start.  Download my eBook for specifics on documents to gather so that you can be fully informed about your household finances.  It will be very difficult to plan for the next phase of your life if you have no idea how much money you’ll have or how much it will cost you to live.  A financial planner or CDFA can be a very valuable resource for you at this time.

– Build a support network
.  The next 6 months to a year will be one of the most difficult times of your life. Surround yourself with people that will love and support you without being judgmental.  You’ll need all the support you can get.  Take a deep breath and take one step at a time.  You WILL get through this.

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