Removing Your Relationship Blinders

by Jan 15, 2019

Are you beginning another new year with uncertainty? Uncertain about your marriage? No clarity around your finances? Often, the fear and uncertainty around where you stand in life can be paralyzing. But believe me, unlike in “Bird Box,” things do become a lot clearer when the blinders come off.

Of course, during marriage, the road will get bumpy sometimes so you brace yourself and continue on until you reach the smoother roads ahead. But for some couples those smoother roads do not appear. A common response is to just ignore the problem, but that’s the worst thing that you can do.

What’s The Problem ?

The productive thing about facing the problem head on is that you can take a look at what is really going on. It may be solvable. It may be that you need to look within. My marriage isn’t loving, so show more love. My marriage isn’t romantic, so create more romance.

You may need to try to be the change you want in your relationship. On the worst side, it may be time to let go. The important thing is to take your head out of the sand and start making decisions to change the situation. 

If you can pinpoint that you and your spouse always fight about money and the struggle is becoming too much, you can find a way to plan your spending and set goals together. Addressing where money goes ahead of time will curb some of the disagreements that arise after the money is spent.

Money Worries vs. Money Reality

When you look at what is really going on financially, you may find that it is not as bad as you thought. It may be as simple as paying attention to what you spend to turn things around. It may look like a marriage is doomed because of constant fighting when what’s really needed are some plans and agreements around money and spending to eliminate stress and fighting.

If you need help with taking that look at your finances, you are in the right place. Our  Smarter Money Solutions program was created to help our clients get clarity around their finances so that they can identify where the problem really lies. You can join us for the next group meeting to get started.


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