I Think I Want A Divorce, What’s Next?

by | May 21, 2021


So a big story in the news lately is the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. Everyone is talking about how they are going to split that big fortune and whether or not she deserves half. All the comments and input can be unnerving when you are also facing divorce.

divorce process Questions Are common

If you have some of the same questions that you hear surfacing about the rich and famous about your own divorce, where can you turn?

Our first instinct is to turn to friends and family who have also faced divorce. While they will definitely offer support and comfort, they may not be the best place for advice, because every divorce is unique. And what worked for them, may not be what’s best for you.

Furthermore, the rules about divorce can be drastically different from state to state, so your cousin in California may have receive lifetime alimony, but believe me, that is not a thing in Arizona. And if someone here receives it; it is extremely rare.

For our Arizona couples, we offer three opportunities each month to talk to experts about the process. Our topic specific seminar will focus on a different specific area of the divorce each month.

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Where can i Find Answers?

When you are in that information gathering phase, look up any free resources in your area. There may be support groups, or seminars in your area for people contemplating divorce. What you want is a group that offers access to experts in field.

There are many ways to navigate a divorce. By asking questions and gathering information, the better you will be able to determine the road that is best for your family. Most importantly, you will learn that you do not have to do this alone.

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Unlike the Gates’, most people going through divorce will not be splitting billions of dollars. But everyone going through divorce will be splitting their own personal fortune. Whether yours is large or small, I’m certain that when you realize divorce is in the plan, that many questions will come next. Let us help direct you to where you can get the answers you need.

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