Has Brangelina Ruined Our Last Hope at Happily Ever After?

by Oct 4, 2016

We can’t escape it, even if you’ve sworn off TV and the news you have still managed to hear that America’s “favorite once mistress and someone else’s husband” couple have called it quits. We weren’t only forced to go through the Aniston/Pitt divorce with them, but also force-fed every detail of every child adopted and birthed by the new duo, lovingly known as “Brangelina”. Many of us supported their decision not to marry until same-sex couples had that same right. We were captivated by their eventual family wedding and the simple romance of it all. We probably brushed off those tabloid rumors of this or that with whoever. After all, there did seem to be the hope of a modern happily ever after with these two. Their story was so similar to many of ours these days, starter marriages that failed, infidelity, hesitation to remarry, combined families. It seemed that even with their millions of dollars and 24/7 paparazzi they were somehow making it.

They gave us hope! Forget those silly stats that second marriages have even HIGHER rates of divorce than first ones. Not Brangelina!

Not until last week anyway. Our last hope of that fairytale ended. The promise of second chances and true love … gone. Now we’re flooded with the nasty details, blocked numbers, child neglect accusations. The ugly side of a breakup rearing its nasty head, in public none the less. I can’t imagine going through divorce a second time, let alone in the public eye. But I still have hope for happily ever after. I’ve heard it. I’ve seen it. And while I’ve yet to experience it myself, I still have hope. Those of us who have been through divorce are given a second chance, another chance to do it right. We’ve been given time to look back at the lessons learned and apply them moving forward. We have a chance to reflect and learn to know and love ourselves again. And maybe, just maybe, if there isn’t a second marriage, just finding that inner happiness is our happily ever after. As for Brad and Angelina? I wish them the best. I hope we, as the scrutinizing public, can step away and allow them to process their divorce and assist their children through it in the best way possible. I hope they can do the inner work to find their individual “happily ever after”.

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