Do I Need A Financial Coach?

by Aug 31, 2018

Have you overheard the conversation yet? The one where your Facebook friend, your co-worker or even the couple dining at the next table are talking about the joys of living debt free. And then you wonder how everyone else is managing to pull their financial lives together while you are still struggling? Maybe you make enough for your ends to meet nicely, but you still struggle as you get closer to payday to make your income stretch. Maybe you’ve just had a life changing experience that has you newly single after being part of a couple for a very long time, so those financial conversations really speak to you now.

If this sounds familiar, a little financial coaching may be just what you need. Unlike financial planners, Financial Coaches help get a clear view of your money situation, then help you with determining what kind of financial life you would like to have. Do you want to contribute regularly to your Church? Do you want to be in a position to help your Children pay for college, or even your grandchildren? Coaches then help you with accountability around the decisions you make to create that life. They help you implement easy systems to monitor your spending and prioritize where you put your money.

With clarity around your actual income relative to your typical expenses, you get to be deliberate about how you spend your money instead of reactive. Once you plan for your vehicle oil change and occasional flat tire as eventual expenses instead of treating them as emergencies, you’ll see how the actual emergency fund and savings accounts can truly grow.

For most people, the key missing ingredient in their daily finances is a simple plan. It explains why many of us feel like we make enough income until that unplanned birthday or windshield replacement pops up. With a detailed personal plan and a little attention, you can really put your money where you intended to, instead of just putting out financial fires. And that is exactly where the Financial Coach can help. So, if you are looking for the clarity, the direction and the goals around your finances, contact us at Smarter Divorce Solutions for a Clarity Session and we’ll get you on the road implementing Smarter Money Solutions.


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