We recently asked some of our former clients to share their thoughts on working with Smarter Divorce Solutions as part of their divorce process.  The following interview is from a former divorce client, J. Martin, who now works with us on her financial strategy and wealth management for her individual finances.

Question:  How did you find out about Smarter Divorce Solutions?
Answer:  I started the divorce process, and was trying to find resources to help me understand what the process was going to entail.  Initially, Smarter Divorce Solutions was not part of the divorce journey for me, but when I attended a local event, Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, with Nancy Hetrick, Owner of Smarter Divorce Solutions, I knew it was worth exploring this other potential method to divorce.

In looking on her website, I found a wealth of information about working with a mediator instead of just through an attorney.  I learned how it can save you time, save you money, and make the process as neutral and amicable as possible.  My goal was to handle this divorce as inexpensively as possible, in a professional manager, and civil and respectful to both parties.

After a few months of still finalizing my decision to move forward with the divorce, I decided to take Nancy up on her offer for a free consultation.  When I heard Nancy’s story of how she went through a divorce, it made me feel much more comfortable about the process and working with her team.  At that point, I brought my ex-husband to meet with Nancy for another consultation so he knew this was neutral territory and that Nancy was going to make sure the divorce was equal and fair to both parties.  Once he realized that, we began the process to move forward with the divorce.

Question:  What led you to the decision to reach out to Smarter Divorce Solutions?
Answer:  I initially did speak with an attorney.  While they did seem eager to help, all I could see was how much money this was going to cost us.  I was the breadwinner at the house so I had more to lose.  I didn’t want this to be a messy divorce, especially since we had a daughter who was not 18 yet, so that added another level of complexity to the process.

One example of how working with Smarter Divorce Solutions saved us money in the long-run was that we could mutually agree that we did not need to pay alimony or child support to the other spouse.  This would not have been the case had we gone through an attorney.  Since our divorce was amicable and we wanted what was best for the other party, we knew we needed to “divide and conquer” when it came to parenting, and we have been able to do just that.

Question:  What about their process attracted you to them and made you choose them as a partner during your divorce?
Answer:  Honestly, hearing Nancy’s story is what made me realize this was the best solution for us.  She pledged to be a neutral third party, and she stuck to that pledge.  As part of the process at Smarter Divorce Solutions, regardless of who engages first, the husband or wife, their role to be neutral and to not side with one party of the other.  It really appeared that this would be the most cost effective solution that would make sure our divorce was equal and fair for myself and my ex.

Question:  How did working with Smarter Divorce Solutions impact your divorce process?
Answer:  Financially, this greatly impacted our divorce in a positive way.  Everything appeared very fair from a numbers perspective. Both myself and my ex-husband felt very comfortable when we saw the numbers.  We saved what would have been at least $10,000 in legal fees.

Personally, I felt very comfortable going through a process that is not very comfortable.  I also felt like I achieved my goals of efficiency, equality, fairness, and professionalism.  The outcome is that my ex and I have not argued or gotten into fights since the divorce.  We ended up in a way there was not animosity.  In addition, since our marriage ended in amicable terms, even through the divorce process which is not as common, this has extended out to the rest of our family.  It made them feel like this was going to be alright even if we were going through this life changing experience.  “I achieved the goals I set out to have in a divorce.  It’s about as friendly as you can get in the divorce process.”

Question: What are three words or phrases you would use to describe your experience working with Smarter Divorce Solutions?
Answer:  The three phrases I would use to describe working with Smarter Divorce Solutions are: Peace of Mind, Trusted Advisor, Very Professional Experience.  Working with their team made this very uncomfortable experience more manageable.  It felt like we were going through this with a friend versus with an attorney whom just wanted to get the divorce closed and move onto the next case.  I would highly recommend Smarter Divorce Solutions.

In fact, I currently work with Nancy on my finances.  She has now become my financial advisor.  Nancy truly knows what she’s doing, communicates anything and everything you need to know about your financial situation, and goes above and beyond.  Just as she did in our divorce, she looks at things holistically to give you the best information to make the right financial choices.

We hope you enjoyed this client story.  You can read more divorce client testimonials here too.  If you are currently considering divorce, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team to learn about this alternative to the expensive divorce solutions.

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